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quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Only This

wish i could
stay here all day long
writing mistakes
writing these verses
that will never be able to
a n y t h i n g

only these verses
these pieces of life
that haven't got the strenght
to be or
l e t  it  d i e

wish you could
see me trought all of it
and does not matter
if it is wrong
or wrong

we both know, don't we?
we are souls destinated to the wrong side of the history, guy
let smile and sing
you know, i mean
what could we do?

let's mess it up.

now, hear:
you're the one
i'll tell you one more time:
when i'm in front of you
think, before
why i'm in front of you?

it's not because your hair is funny
it's not because i want to ask you about political problems
it's not about anything else, except
i mean
it's all about us

think she is singing next us
can you hear her voice?
yes,  i believe it too
she would be a  great God for us
for our story
if i could believe in anyone else you
i would believe her
her voice.

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