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segunda-feira, 15 de novembro de 2010

One More Try

Forget the title
This should be a poem
This should be
able to tell about all of this
this, from where nothing really comes
but where everything seems to lie

Forget my try
forget the passwords
everything here should be new
even if for a moment
everything here must be blank
i'm doing this for the first time
can't you hear the voices
don't you hear things falling down
and even the song from the stones?

It doesn't matter
when you're unable to understand
i'm here, unable to be perfect
unable to stop felling the world
upon everything

But the question is:
am i really feeling something?
Sometimes it seems that
is the world felling me across my body
is the world playing
is the world using me
but for what?

I don't know
I only feel me like a little joy
lost in the middle of the night.

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