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segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

rest in poetry

help me

i do not know
how to do
this homework

since i was child
and now as a man
i do not know
how we can

do these things
staying here
for hours and

i am tired
incapable of verbs
of all these words

and a poetry seems
only a sad song
always sad and
always lonely

but don't

rest in peace
somebody once
told me this

rest in peace
somebody once die
and that is all
all is this shit.

the death is singing for me.
i can see her.
as her, my dad
would never sing like that
for me

death is now
just one look across me

in between sun halos and green trees
i can see her.
and death is
how it seems
i can not
handle anymore
all this.

or i make me poetry
or i sing
or i shine
burning my skin

fading across dark waves
i've turned off
and then turned on
and then, i'm in drop in

in jump through myself
seeing the taste

and then
the poetry seems
as everything that
it would never be,

i beg you
you, come back!
to resolve something in this nothing!

and then
more promises:

you'll say ---
i'll translate your words, dear lover
i'll make a new song for you
only for you
and others more
just for them
for god
and for what does not already exist.

you smell like death

you seem sweet

i am diabetic since
was six years old

i could die
just in case
of loving you

you are no longer here
and neither my shame.

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