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sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

(broken) heart,

don't worry!

we usually broke ourself
to find out again
the life that was missing.

so just give a smile
in front all of your broken pieces
to start in a new way.

cry your hurt,
being the sadness in person
(please, even for one day)

and then
and then, believe it:
it is not only with you.

hearts are broken
all the time
and that's why moon exists:

have you looked to the sky today?

the moon is always
telling us
the way to be:

sometimes it is not complete
and others times
it is full of brand new tint.

sometimes in pieces
and sometimes
in pieces too.

what does it means?

give your heart
the possibility
of be like the moon

be your heart
and full light too.

* to cheryl lam (who i never met)

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