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sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

i'm here dropping to inside myself

but not trying to find something
not in searching, not wanting neither in wait
i'm only here
in front of my own body
just feeling my smell
thinking that i could
yes, i could
i could cross my skin
and live happy underneath my touch
warm home solid and bright
i could live here
without anything
i could, yes, i could
and there's always more one "but"
after leave my mouth over my skin
over my frightened chest
over the legs and the arms
over my penis's head
i have to admit to myself
that i prefer
when i can't have me just for me
yes, i prefer
your legs in my mouth
your arms across my penis's head
your shaking inside my heart
bringing to life again
this body drunk
of himself
if you're not here
if the day will be hot like it is now
i'll have to admit
i can put my mouth around my skin
thin of you.

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