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domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

Which one is mine?

i must confess
today i felt a strange

(yeah, i'm still feeling)

i said strange
because it was new
and hopeful,

(yeah, i'm still believing)

i'm more than myself
and all this pain
is like to paint,

i can put all of this
over the white table
and then, paint
this strange feeling
that is making me
look ahead.

and even if the ink
is made of my blood
even if the hint
is not go ahead
i'll paint my inside
instead of desist.

(i told it was a hopeful image)

now i know
now i'm sure
i'm a man
and as a man
there's only one way
for be me:

being alone
and free

(getting love from everyone
but specially, getting love
from me
to me).

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