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sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2015


I have no words
I use all of them
No words
Just with some feeling
Just something
That I can't really believe in.

And then you word
One word from you
You came with this word
Just this one
And then
Everything reborns for me.

How powerfull can words be, isn't it?

You said "a guy like me"
I said "oh, my, god, oh, my, god"
You repeat it
"A guy like you is all I need"

And then what?
What most beautiful could exist?

If you said it
Then I'll go with you

I do trust in words
More than I trust in me
I do trust in strangers, guy
So come on
Come, please, come here

I'll take care of your arms
and silent I will hug you
and all yours fears

You have to feel it with me.

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