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sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2015

Are you living?

When a smile comes
do you receive it?
When a shiver writes in your skin
you feel it in full?
When a hope
dawns hugging you
do you say good morning?

Are you living?

Or the surprise does not move you anymore?
Does the silence only tire you?
the pain
you just want to avoid it?
The unprecedented, does it scares you?
Life - in short - life
Does it torments you?

Are you living, man?

Or nothing fascinates you?
The questions are always the same?
Or you say:

You want to dance holding on the fingers this empty glass?

You know when you live
and when you're pretending

You know that your body is port
and when you can allow yourself to be

You know when yes
and when you're not

Are you living, guy?

I wish you could.

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