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quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

All i Need

I'm in the middle of this town. It's almost 10pm, but the sky is clear.
I'm tired and thinking about life, my life, thinking about you, them, me.
I'm hearing music. But not choosing them.
What do we need to find ourselves?
Empty space.
Ou just a new blank page.
It's cold here in Edinburgh. This new place I never knew. Everywhere I look, everyone who my eyes see, all this is new for me. And because of it, there's no meaning guiding my walk troughth these parks and streets.
I look to myself (while days go on).
I look to what I need.

There's something about comunication, I guess. I suppose.
How beautiful this is: to talk with strange people, to meet them, to say "hi", "thanks" and "you're welcome".
I could imagine a new world thinking from this point ahead.

There's a church in front of me. I look at this building. So old and so alive. I think about every human that saw it too. I'm not the first one, neither the last.
An then: where is my life? Where does it lies?

Presence. Encounter.

And then, I think about my love. My friend. My boy and husband, my hand. He isn't here so, I ask myself, where do you lie, Diogo?

I'm felling free. But freedom it's not a real quality for my life. I'm not searching for it. I'm already free. I'm not fighting for this. Everything is ok. I can choose things, I'm not slave of anything.

But my love is all that free me and also is love what catch me, love is what for I'm living now (since him).

Distance. Space like distance. Distance like air and like time and like everything that can put me a little away for what I use to be.

I never felt this way.

It's good to feel distance like this.

Now I think: in all of this.

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